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A superb, powerful, very versatile Energiser.

  • A versatile energiser that will run of either a 12 volt battery or 220 volt mains electricity.
  • A lot of sheer, brute power for your money.
  • This is a considerably stronger electric fencing energiser and is ideally suited for people who have longer electric fences or who are potentially having a vegetation challenge
  • The low price makes it Ideal for those fences that may be subjected to high vegetation challenge.
  • It has a very strong, weather resistant casing with lugs on each corner to attach to a fence or to hang it up by.
  • This is a superb value energiser and when the power output is compared to it's price, the Farming AN5000 has to be one of the best value Dual volt energisers on the market today. Supplied with a 2 year warranty.
  • Supplied with the necessary Battery connections and a suitable transformer to plug into the 220 volt supply. A short Earth lead is supplied.
  • Draws 330 milliAmps so a 100 aH battery may last 296 hours*.
Stored Energy; 5 Joule Output Energy; 3 Joule.
Max Voltage; 10000v Volts at 500Ohm; 6000v
Max fence length; 100klm Realistic length; 50klm
Will run 15 nets Power Consumption; 330mA


* The figure refers to the energiser being in constant operation without any drainage on the system. It should be considered as an absolute maximum as there are always animals, poor insulation etc. Realistically expect about 70-80% of that figure.

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