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The Ultimate Horse Electric Fencing Tape

Incorporating New Alloy technology for greater strength and better electrical conductivity resulting in a more effective fence.

Available in 12 mm, 20 mm or 40 mm wide tape - all on 200 meter reels.

With a conductivity ranging from only 0.09 Ohms/m this is highly conductive - 100 times better than standard tape. The ONLY tape on the market covered by a 5 Year Warranty* There are several features separating this superior tape from others on the market:-

  • A unique feature is the "vertical filament weave" (A in the image below) ensuring each filament is constantly being re-connected and thus electrified. Should a filament be broken it will be re-connected and remain an effective part of the tape. There is no other tape that has this re-connecting feature.
  • The edges are strengthened by additional fibres to maintain a neater tension. (B in the image)The stark white ensures it is highly visible and it comes in three widths. 12 mm, 20 mm and 40 mm. 
  • The strong filaments  (C in the image) that are wound together offers a tape that will outlast the competition. Any filaments that break are immediately reconnected for far greater longevity and efficiency. All other tapes have their metal filaments woven separated and parallel in the tape so if one breaks - it is rendered useless from that point on.
  • The 12mm Tapes has 6 Alloy Filaments, the 20mm tape has 8 whilst the 40mm tape has 12 filaments in the tape.
  • The high conductivity means that long fences of up to 18 klm. are possible. 40mm is 0.09 Ohms/m and the 20mm and 10mm tapes are 0.14 Ohms/m (Remember - the lower this figure, the more electricity it will carry and be more effective)
  • This excellent conductivity is up to 160 times more conductive than many twines on the market. This means it carries more ELECTRICITY to ensure your fence works best..
  • The only tape on the market covered by a 5 year warranty*.
Turbomax Tape Detail.


Reel Length Conductors Conductivity Breaking strain Max Fence Length
12mm 200m 6 0.14 Ω/m 60Kg 17 Klm
20mm 200m 8 0.14 Ω/m 140Kg 20 Klm
40mm 200m 12 0.09 Ω/m 240Kg 27 Klm


*The warranty offered on all the above tapes is limited to sunlight's Ultra Violet degradation of the plastic material and does not cover mechanical damage by wind action, animal action, abrasion or damage by lightning strike.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Serena from Sussex
Expensive but worth it.

Very happy with this tape now that it has been up for 5 months. Expensive but worth it.

Splashy Pony
Very Happy

I am pleased with my purchase. The horses are respecting the fence now.

James from Dorset.
Good Quality

Very good quality tape if a bit pricey - still value for money.

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