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12 volt Leisure Electric Fence Batteries

  • Batteries supply energy for an extended life. The High Voltage course ensure the maximum power output to the energiser.
  • All batteries are Cadmium and and Mercury free.
  • These batteries are all Deep Cycle / Deep Drawdown / Leisure batteries (Three titles for the same product.)
  • The batteries are designed for al 12 volt and Dual Volt energisers.
  • Leisure batteries provide greater density of energy and permitting a greater draw-down of that energy.
  • Expect a life of about 200 charge cycles lasting 2-7 years.
  • Attachments are compatible with the majority of internationally manufactured makes - there are a few from Asia that are not compatible.
  • Amber LED light shows when the panel is charging the battery, Green when fully charged.
  • All batteries should be charged before use. Not advised to leave a battery un-used for two months.
  • An Explanation of which batteries are suitable for Electric fencing.
  35aH Battery     Nominal life, 175 Hours*
 75aH Battery     Nominal Life, 375 Hours*.


*Battery life should be regarded as an absolute maximum and depends on the model used - the stronger the model the shorter the life, the challenge by vegetation and animals, the quality of the fence and the continuity of use.

These figures are based on an energiser drawing 150 milliAmps and may be adjusted linearly according to the consumption of your energiser..

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