Turbomax Sheep Net

Turbomax Sheep Net

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*NEW* Electric Sheep Netting.

With this sheep net the bottom two wires are not energised. Thus, the current-carrying wires have less contact with the vegetation and it is less likely to short out onto the ground. The bottom two strands are not carrying current.

  • The semi-rigid plastic vertical riser every 30cm in place of plain poly wire creates a very stable and effective barrier against predatory Foxes and dogs.
  • The more rigid net is easier to handle and reduces movement time than other types.
  • Due to these semi-rigid plastic risers the net keeps its' shape very well over more contoured, broken ground.
  • Less prone to wind damage.
  • Re-inforced top and bottom strands giving greater strength.
  • The 90cm net has 8 Electroplastic twines of which 6 are electrified.
  • The nets have White risers with white/black horizontals. Black non-electrified strands.
  • All nets are 50m (55 yards) long and are supplied with 14 plastic posts on metal stakes, a warning sign, connections, attachments and a repair kit.
  • Never connect more than ONE energizer to a fence.
  • Link to a discussion on why this new sheep net has been introduced.

Close up of plastic riser and electrified horizontal.



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