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Reels, Plies and Bait Caps for Electric Fencing

  • Electric Fencing Reels may be used with all types of conductors.
  • Very easy and convenient method of lifting a fence.
  • May be combined into a simple three reel system popular with sheep farmers.
  • Versatile Fence pliers with a multitude of applications.
  • High capacity Reels make moving your fences a lot easier

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  • Paddock 3:1 Reel.

    Energy Saving Reel The 3:1 gearing ratio makes it very easy to wind up your conductor. Keeps your conductor safe when not in use. Manufactured from impact quality plastic Guide...
  • Premium Geared Reel

    Standard 1:1 ratio or rapid 3:1 gearing . Spool has 200m (20mm) tape capacity, and up to 800m polywire capacity. Easy to carry handle Wire guide The spool has strong...
    From £44.00
  • Paddock Reel.

    Versatile Electric Fencing Reel Compact reel made of high quality plastic. Complete with brake and mounting bracket. Supplied without a conductor. Capacity Twine = max 250m Capacity Tape = max...
  • Reels Maxi 2000.

    Large Versatile Electric Fencing Reel. This reel is particularly suitable for winding poly-wires and tapes Manufactured from impact quality plastic The reel may be separated into two halves with a...
  • Geared 3 Reel Electric Fence Kits. Steel or Twine

    Geared Reel Systems. A very practical way to sub-divide a field, takes minutes to erect and remove. Create a temporary enclosure very quickly. The reels are geared and supplied with...
    From £385.00
  • Electric Fencing Pliers

    A Professional pair of Fencing Pliers These are the complete fencing pliers, capaple of cutting, gripping, winding end wires, hammering in staples & nails as well as removing them. The...
  • Bait Caps

    Electric Fencing Training Aid Baiting remains a highly effective method of boosting an Electric Fence. Extemely effective at encouraging animals who may not respect an electric fence as much as they...
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