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Agrisellex UK has been involved with Electric Fencing since the early 1980's utilizing electric fencing to control large wildlife from Elephants down. German based Horizont gmbh and Hotline UK have been a premier manufactures of electric fencing products and poultry netting since the 1950's.

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Advantages of Electric Fencing?

Electric fencing has many advantages, lower cost, easier to install, requires less maintenance and controls horses more effectively than traditional fencing. Electric fencing is a very economical and effective method for containing horses and ponies. It can be set up as a temporary fence, or in combination with wooden strainer posts at corners and ends, will act as a low cost semi-permanent fence. A temporary electric fence can be used for strip grazing, or keeping horses away from dangerous areas (and each other !).

Are Electric Pountry Nets Effective?

Electric poultry netting is far away the most effective and cost effective system for protecting valuable animals and horticultural produce from predators including Foxes, feral dogs, badgers and Rabbits. Electrified netting is very versatile, mobile and highly effective method of securing the safety of your hens. Electric fences have been used around the world to contain EVERY mammal ranging from Elephants down to Snails (I know a snail is not a mammal - it just highlights its versatility)

Is Electric Fencing Safe?

The 6000v shock of an electric fence sounds as if it should kill you - WRONG, an electric fence is rendered safe in various ways - by reducing the amperage below lethal levels and pulsing it. For a more detailed explanation please follow this link to a Safety manual.

Theft of Electric Fencing.

The popularity of electric fencing in England and around Europe has led to an increase in thefts of expensive energisers. By the very nature that a battery driven electric fence energiser is left in remote rural areas invariably on the edge of fields means that they are easy targets and liable to be stolen by itinerant thieves. It is very hard to disguise their presence as the fence itself is highly visible so a thief has to simply follow the fence to find the energiser and steal it leaving valuable livestock to be free to roam or removing the necessary protection from predators. Horizont has developed a range of anti-theft energisers and solutions that combat this by incorporating a tracking device enabling you to follow the signal on a simple smartphone app. This has already proven successful on a raid in Germany.

Electricity for Post and Rail Horse Fencing.

Traditional post and rail fencing has been used for years for horses in the United Kingdom looks good, lasts for up to 20 years, but requires a fair bit of maintenance and is very expensive to install. Frequently post-and-rail fencing also needs to be combined with a top strand of electric wire as horses have a habit of leaning on it, rubbing against it (which loosens posts) or chewing the top rail which reduces its lifespan and increases maintenance costs.

*Warranty covers all manufacturing faults and not damage by flooding, animal damage or lightning strike.
# There are a few exceptions - See the Delivery Terms.

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