5.6ft anti Wolf/Fox Net

5.6ft anti Wolf/Fox Net

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The 170cm (5.6Ft) Ultimate anti Fox net is the Tallest on the Market

Stop the Foxes from eating your Chooks.

  • A super tall 170cm/ 5ft6in Electric Net perfect for totally excluding all predators and all deer including Red Deer. 
  • N.B. The wider 15 x 15cm mesh may NOT contain adult poultry even with electricity.
  • Netting is widely shown to be highly effective at protecting your sheep and poultry from wolves and foxes.
  • These taller nets will exclude even those hardy jumpers and the greater height will keep your adventurous adult pets in. There is no other net on the market as tall and as effective as the Wolf net.
  • Both top and bottom wires are re-enforced for added strength to assist in pulling the net out. The second top wire has additional copper conductors to improve electrical transmission.
  • For the maximum possible protection, couple these nets with a hotSHOCK energizer and deliver a Devilish sting to the fox.
  • An ideal net to exclude Deer from your property and prevent them consuming your garden. Red Deer may require the use of Bait Caps.
  • The stiff posts supplied are attached to the mesh to increase the stability of the net once erected
  • N.B. Due to the length of the net this item may not be transported by regular courier. Delivery will be about 48 hours longer..

Net Height;  Super tall 170cm/ 5ft6in.
Net Length;  25m (27 yards)
Number & Colour of Posts;  11 Black posts
Electrified Wires;  11 Green wires

Tall Electric Netting

Net weave dimensions


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