Ranger Ring Stand Off Insulator

Ranger Ring Stand Off Insulator

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Stand Off Insulators dramatically increases the effectiveness of your existing fence.

  • Ever seen your expensive Post and Rail fence pushed over?
  • An existing stock fence or Post and Rail fence will be dramatically improved by adding a Hotwire - no more repairs.
  • By putting the electric fence a short distance away from the existing fence it makes it a lot harder for the animal enclosed to bite, chew or push on the post-and-rail fence.
  • Prevent foxes from climbing over a chain link fence by adding an stand off wire to the fence so increasing the security of your poultry.
  • May be used with a Power drill chuck to facilitate fast installation.
  • Similar construction to an Economy Ring Insulator
  • Solid 6mm Steel shaft extending the insulator out to 20cm. Supplied in packs of 10 insulators.

Ranger Ring