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A very powerful Electric Fencing Energiser

  • This powerfull energiser is particularly suited to agricultural and rural locations where an effective fence is vital.
  • LED range of lights supplying you with instant information if your fence is operating satisfactory at a glance.
  • The battery is contained within the case that is suitable for rechargeable 12v batteries up to 265mm x 175mm x 225mm.**
  • The 30 Watt solar panel will be adequate throughout the year.
  • A charge limiter is built into the energiser as is a reverse charge protection.
  • The whole unit may be securely locked onto a solid external feature using the incorporated metal attachment to reduce theft.
  • Automatic current saving and protection against low level discharge will extend the life of the battery to its' maximum so considerably extending the re-charge interval.
  • Automatic built-in circuitry giving you a constant knowledge of the strength of the fence by using a range of LED's on the face of the energiser.
  • The energizer has sophisticated circuitry including a potentiometer and 6 level voltage control allowing you to select the power output according to the requirements of the target.
  • The unit draws between 95- 450 milliamps depending on your setting, so a 100aH Battery may last 1500 hourswithout the Solar Panel attached.
  • May be converted to Mains with battery back-up by adding the 220v - 12v adaptor 
  • The Ranger AN4800S is manufactured to order.

In conjunction with the Ranger AN4800HIMPS electric fence device, the innovative HIMP electric fence app enables you to fully control and operate your electric fence using your smartphone, tablet or PC. You can check many functions of your fence energiser in a relaxed manner from anywhere, regardless of location - the HIMP app monitors the fence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can easily switch the device on or off remotely for repair work on the fence, for example, using the app, thus saving yourself the trip to the energizer and back. In addition to the minimum and maximum fence voltage, different voltage values ​​and the quality of the fence insulation are constantly monitored. It can also be used to identify problems caused by excessive growth on the fence, which cannot be detected by pure fence voltage monitoring. You will also receive active push notifications if the fence voltage exceeds or falls below a threshold value you have defined, so you can act quickly to resolve the problem identified by the app. The HIMP app is available free of charge for iOS and Android smartphones. There is also a web version available for use on your PC or on your mobile devices. The data card for connecting to the app is already built into the ranger AN4800HIMPS. 

With the help of the pasture fence app, you can also set a so-called "geo-fence" - a digital "fence" - around the device. If the energizer leaves this defined area, the pet owner receives a notification from the app directly on his smartphone. A theft is thus discovered immediately.

You can use the app to conveniently check the charge status of the battery at any time, saving you a lot of time without having to check the device on site. The battery voltage of the energizer fluctuates significantly more, especially when using a solar panel. A lower warning threshold for the battery voltage gives you timely information about the charge status of the battery.

**NB. A 12v battery is not supplied. The unit is supplied with the necessary connection cables. Requires long earth posts - a short 30-50 cm stake is inadequate.. 

Stored Energy; 5.7 Joule Output Energy; 4.8 Joule.
Max Voltage; 16800v Volts at 500 Ohm; 6500v
Max fence length; 80m (60km) Realistic length; 30m (25km)
Will run 17nets Power Consumption; 95-450 mA

* The figure refers to the energiser being in perfect operation without any drainage on the system. It should be considered as an absolute maximum as there is always vegetation touching a fence, poor insulation etc. Realistically expect about 70-80% of that figure.

Operating Instructions.

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