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Reduce Theft by GPS tracking of your Electric Fence Energiser using a Mobile App.

The NEW Technology encompassed in the Ranger A70GPS will protect your energiser by a GPS locating signal and permit the control of various functions via your mobile phone.
  • The GPS function is an anti theft device and will transmit a locating signal for 48 hours that may be opened directly on Google Maps with a Smartphone app allowing you to track it and recover it from a possible theft situation. The current speed over the ground of the thief is given. 
  • This same function notifies you that a theft of your fence energiser has taken place the minute it is disconnected and taken allowing you to immediately take steps to recover your property. The video clip below shows the effectiveness of this facility.
  • You will also be notified by text when the energy availability in your battery drops below a pre-determined level allowing you to monitor the condition of your fence from any locality
  • The LED lights on the front panel of the energiser alert you when the energy drops allowing you to investigate a problem. You may then switch off the energiser remotely to repair the fence and switch on again afterwards without having to traips back and forth from the energiser.
  • These functions reduce the worry that your fence will be compromised and ineffective for a period of time whilst predators invade or your valuable animals escape to pastures new.
  • The Ranger A70 is a powerful, versatile all weather energiser suitable for a multiude of situations.
  • Unique load sensing circuitry adjusts the demand on the battery according to the load so reducing battery consumption and reducing recharging requirements.
  • This feature makes the Ranger A70 ideal to use with Solar Panels.
  • Draws 600 milliAmps so a 100 aH battery may last 180 hours*.
  • Good, effective earthing is vital so 2 x 1m Long Earth Stakes and High Voltage Insulated Cable are required to connect to the earth stake. A 12v battery is not supplied. A SIM card is supplied.
  • These are made to order so the delivery lead time for the delivery of this product is about 14 days
* The figure refers to the energiser being in constant operation without any drainage on the system. It should be considered as an absolute maximum as there are always animals or vegetation touching a fence, poor insulation etc. Realistically expect about 70-80% of that figure


Stored Energy; 6 Joule Output Energy; 5 Joule.
Max Voltage; 12000v Volts at 500Ohm; 6400v
Max fence length; 110klm Realistic length; 80klm
Will run 19 nets Power Consumption; 650mA

Operating Instructions for Ranger A70 GPS.

Ranger GPS

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