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The Livestok Electric Sheep net is more stable than other Sheep nets

  • The semi-rigid plastic vertical riser (shown below) every 30cm in place of plain poly wire creates a very stable and effective barrier against predatory Foxes and dogs.
  • The Livestok Sheep Net is easier to handle and reduces movement time than other types. They are made out of highly conductive material with a conductive coefficient of 1 Ohm/meter - the lower the better.
  • Due to these semi-rigid plastic risers the net keeps its' shape very well over more contoured, broken ground.
  • Less prone to wind damage.
  • Re-inforced top and bottom strands giving greater strength.
  • The 90cm net has 9 Electroplastic twines of which 8 are electrified.
  • The 105cm net has 10 Electroplastic twines of which 9 are electrified
  • The nets have Yellow risers with Black horizontals.
  • All nets are 50m (55 yards) long and are supplied with 14 plastic posts on metal stakes, a warning sign, connections, attachments and a repair kit.
  • Never connect more than ONE energizer to a fence.
  • Comment from a Happy User "... which make it easier to handle and reduces the risk of sheep getting tangled in it to virtually nil. For lambs, it is far more reliable than any multi-strand fencing IME."

LiveStok Sheep NetLivestok Sheepnet spacing

Livestok Sheep Netting

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