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The Ultimate in Lightning Protection for Electric Fences.

Suitable for all Energisers.

  • The best protection for your valuable energiser against lightning strike. Protects against power surges coming down the line.
  • Your energiser is connected to potentially thousands of meters of electric fencing strung out over fields. If this is struck by lighting it will feed back up the fence lines and ruin your energiser, at worst set fire to it!
  • The lighting arrester diverts the large power surge to earth so protecting the energiser and the building it is located in.
    • There is good protection when the fence is either working or if it is switched off. A lightning bolt is quite capable of arcing across a simple switch. This provides an alternate route to earth.
    • This is a complete product - ready for installation and may be used to protect all energiser capacities.
    • Lightning protection is likely to become a legal requirement.
    • Protecting an Energiser from Lightning

    Lightning Protection Setup Diagram

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