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Strong Agricultural Mains Energiser

The Farmer N25 Electric Fence energizer has been utilised by farmers around Europe to contain and protect their stock from predators. Foxes, Badgers and Wild Boar are effectively excluded by this medium power energiser thus providing excellent predator control.
  • The N25 is a medium power mains energiser suited to situations where mains is the best option.
  • An effective alternative to the HotShock range.
  • The high running voltage enables the current to bridge the natural insulating qualities of wool and feathers to maximize the control of these difficult groups of livestock.
  • Ideal unit for Freerange poultry and pig units.
  • The LED Display offers an easy and constant snapshot of the quality and effectiveness of your fence - simply look at it and it tells you if your fence is good.
  • Cheap running cost ; Power consumption of only 3.5 Watts is far less than a standard 40 Watt light bulb.
  • An Earth Stake and High Voltage cable is required.
Stored Energy; 2.8 Joule Output Energy; 2 Joule.
Max Voltage; 14000v Volts at 500 Ohm; 6500v
Max fence length;  24m (40km) Realistic length; 15m (25km)
Will run 11 nets Power Consumption; 5 Watts


Operating Instructions.

 Farmer N25 Fence Energiser


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