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An Electric Fence energiser providing plenty of Energy to keep your horses in.

This energiser is our most popular product with equestrian customers due to its many advanced features making it suitable for nearly every situation.

  • A more powerful mains electric fence energiser supplying plenty of spare capacity for your peace of mind.
  • The VCS model contains built-in circuitry giving you a constant knowledge of the strength of the fence by using a range of LED's on the face of the energiser. An instant snapshot of how efficiently your fence is performing.
  • TWO Year warranty, comprehensive repair facilities and 60 years of manufacturing secure this product.
  • Very attractive and easy to install and maintain. Full installation instructions supplied.
  • Mains units are stronger and cheaper per unit of energy to run, no battery concerns and may be placed a considerable distance from the fence and connected by a single wire. The energiser does not have to be adjacent to the fence.
  • A minimum of a 1m earth stake and Insulated cable is required.
  • Very cheap to run. Draws just 4.5 Watts, far less than a 40 Watt light bulb.
 Stored Energy; 3 Joule  Output Energy; 2.3 Joule.
 Max Voltage; 9000v  Volts at 500 Ohm; 5500v
 Max fence length; 22m(40km)  Realistic length; 12m(20km)
 Will run 7 nets  Power Consumption; 4.5 Watts


Operating Instructions.

 EquiStop M3


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