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Rubber Ring Elastator for Calves, Kids and Lambs

Elastration is a bloodless method of castration and docking commonly used for livestock . Elastration is simply banding the body part (scrotum or tail ) with a tight rubber band until it drops off. This method is favored for its simplicity, low cost, and minimal training requirements.

Castration is commonly performed on domestic animals not intended for breeding. Domestic animals are usually castrated to avoid unwanted or uncontrolled reproduction; to reduce or prevent other manifestations of sexual behaviour such as territorial behaviour or aggression (e.g. fighting between groups of entire (uncastrated) males of a species); or to reduce other consequences of sexual behaviour that may make animal husbandry more difficult, such as boundary/fence/enclosure destruction when attempting to get to nearby females of the species.

Elastrator Rubber rings must be purchased separately

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