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A medium powered, Rugged Fence Energiser

  • This is a powerful 12v battery energiser suitable for medium to long electric fences. This is ideal if you want an energiser with a higher voltage.
  • This is a rugged, reliable Agricultural type energiser - expected to work for ever without a hassle
  • The sturdy casing is ideally suited to living outdoors and it comes with 4 lugs to either screw it to a post or wall or simply hang it up by your electric fence.
  • The energiser has polarity protection so will not be damaged by connecting it to the battery incorrectly.
  • Draws 160 milliAmps so a 100 aH battery may last 625 hours*.
  • Only available in the United Kingdom
Stored Energy; 1.5 Joule Output Energy; 1 Joule.
Max Voltage; 8000v Volts at 500Ohm; 3500v
Max fence length; 30klm Realistic length; 20klm
Will run 4 nets Power Consumption; 160mA

* The figure refers to the energiser being in constant operation without any drainage on the system. It should be considered as an absolute maximum as there are always animals or vegetation touching a fence, poor insulation etc. Realistically expect about 70-80% of that figure.

Copel A2


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