Ultimate HotGate

Ultimate HotGate

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The Ultimate HotGate for Electric Poultry Netting

  • A gateway to give you access to the poultry pen and avoid wear and tear on the main fence.
  • It is 1.25m wide, 108cm high and consists of two black flexi-posts and a length of poultry netting.
  • Place it where your main access point will be (between the two end posts of the main fence) and connect to the main fence with the knotted wires and metal clips.
  • Until now, accessing your chickens through your electric fence was quite a nuisance.
  • This Gate allows you to open the fence without the need to disconnect the energiser or fiddle with awkward ties. It can even be operated single handed when carrying feed or water.
  • The gate may be integrated into the electric poultry nets and added to existing fences.
Ultimate HotGate

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