Poultry Housing.

Poultry Housing.

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Wooden Poultry Arc

A lovely little flexible house and run which is also particularly suitable as a large Broody Coop for a hen and her brood to keep them safe and secure (once the chicks are of a certain age of course - say 4 or 5 weeks - so that they can safely negotiate the ramp).
  • Suitable for about 3 hens with a spacious and rain protected run.
  • Manufactured from solid pinewood.
  • Galvanised metal tray for easy cleaning of the upper house.
  • Insulated for greater comfort in the winter months.
  • Two separate doors to the upper house and a separate door to the run. 
  • The ramp has a solid back with steps so that small hens and chicks can climb up easily
  • The coop is 124cm long by 66cm wide by 99cm high.

Poultry Coop or Arc