hotShock A15

hotShock A15

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An Electric Fencing Energiser for Excellent Fox Protection.

The hotShock range of Electric Fence energisers have been designed to be highly effective against the insulating qualities of Poultry feathers, Deer hair and Sheeps wool. Foxes, Badgers and Wild Boar are effectively excluded thus providing this excellent predator for your flock.

  • The hotShock A15 lower powered 12v energizer used for insensitive animals and fences with a high vegetation challenge.
  • The high running voltage (8000v) enables the current to bridge the natural insulating qualities of wool and feathers to maximize the control of these difficult groups of livestock.
  • This high current also assists in fence maintenance by burning off weeds touching the wires.
  • In the search for food predators have to overcome different obstacles and the most difficult is fear of humans. A shock from a sub-standard electric fence is not a problem for a mother, a hungry, wounded or old predator to crawl or jump through the fence. A fox has to learn to respect an electric fence and the operational efficiency must be high for electric fencing to repel the carnivore penetration. If a fence lacks operational efficiency then animals will soon overcome their "fear of the fence".
  • THREE Year warranty, comprehensive repair facilities and 60 years of manufacturing secure this product.
  • The energiser has polarity protection so will not be damaged if you connect it to the battery incorrectly
  • Draws just 180milliAmps- a 100 aH Liesure battery may last 550 hours*
  • Good, effective earthing is vital so 1m Long Earth Stakes are required. A 12v battery is not supplied.
Stored Energy; 1.5 Joule  Output Energy; 1 Joule.
Max Voltage; 9000v Volts at 500Ohm; 6000v
Max fence length; 25m (40km) Realistic length; 18m (30km)
Will run 7 nets Power Consumption; 180mA


hotshock electric fencing energiser

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Highly recommended
Bought it to keep foxes out with a net. My dirds have not been bothered and it has been very effective for 4 months now. I'll be appraising it after a year.
Review by James Cooper / (Posted on 25/08/2014)

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