horiSmart N160

horiSmart N160

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Top of the Range.
The safest Electric Fencing Energiser available.

The Horismart N160 is a very high energy unit suitable for any intensive situation where safety is a consideration. Recommended for long, permanent fences with good conductors particularly where steel wire has been utilised.
The modern horiSmart energisers have been manufactured utilizing smart circuit technology that detects the difference between a low residual resistance load (vegetation) or a contact load (mammal) and adjusts the the output response accordingly. Immediately after the first contact is initiated the power-output is reduced dramatically, an assessment is made and the following decisions carried out automatically.

  • For non-mammalian contact, 60 seconds after assessment the circuitry kicks in to maximum power and helps destroy casual vegetation that is touching the fence keeping it clean and running efficiently.
  • For mammalian contact it will remain at a lower power and remains there until the animal is clear (irrespective of how long that takes) and will only then automatically return to normal running power.

Even if the animal takes the unusual route of getting caught in the fence it will not be subjected to repeated, high voltage shocks. The low powered shocks gently encourage it to extricate itself. Should a direct short persist, the intelligent circuitry sounds an audible and visible alarm for your attention.
Approved in accordance with updated regulation EN 60335-2-76

Good, effective earthing is vital so 3 x 1m Long Earth Stakes and Insulated Cable is required.
This range is made to order so may take upto 7 days longer to deliver

Stored Energy; 12 Joule Output Energy; 8Joule.
Max Voltage; 11000v Volts at 500 Ohm; 6000v
Max fence length; 150klm Realistic length; 120klm
Will run 20 nets Power Consumption; 20 Watts


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