Happy NG 3.1

Happy NG 3.1

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Happy Electric Fence Energiser

  • The Happy NG 3.1 is a powerfull, effective 220 volt mains energiser designed for the Equestrian market.
  • There is a selection of attractive casings that may suite your taste.
  • It's cost/energy ratio is very competitive.
  • Normally installed close to a standard 13amp plug socket
  • TWO Year warranty, comprehensive repair facilities and 60 years of manufacturing secure this product.
  • Draws just 2Watts - compare that to a 40watt light bulb

Operating Instructions.

Stored Energy; 1.2 Joule Output Energy; 1 Joule
Max Fence Length; 20km Realistic Fence Length; 8 km
Max Fence Voltage; 7800v Running Voltage; 6000v
Fence volts with 500 Ohms; 3600v

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Excl. Tax: £84.00 Incl. Tax: £100.80