Ultimate Green Horse Posts

Ultimate Green Horse Posts

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Availability: In stock

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Ultimate Garden Post, 75cm, Green (details)
Excl. Tax: £16.26 Incl. Tax: £19.51
Ultimate Horse Post, 108cm, Green (details)
Excl. Tax: £17.00 Incl. Tax: £20.40
Ultimate Horse Post, 142cm, Green (details)
Excl. Tax: £22.00 Incl. Tax: £26.40


Tall, Strong and longlasting Electric Fence posts, The best on the market.

Many customers comment that the commonly available horse posts break at the vulnerable footplate whilst being inserted into hard ground. There are several reasons why the Ultimate Horse Post is a superior product than these posts.All prices are quoted on a "per pack" basis.

  • A. Far thicker with more plastic moulded into the footplate eliminating breakages at this vulnerable point. Some suppliers sell you two footrests in case one breaks.(See insert) By far the strongest available.
  • B. Longer steel shaft for greater stability.
  • C. There is a greater length of the shaft embedded in the plastic promoting strength.
  • D. Longer footplate making it easier for you to push the shaft into hard ground without slipping off.
  • E. A larger gusset at a more acute angle further boosting the strength of the footplate.
  • F. The only post in the UK offered with a Three Year warranty against the ravaging effects of sunlight UV rays* - the plastic terminater. These are happily marketed into the hottest climates around the world so will last ages in the UK. Standard UK posts do not have a warranty.
  • Uniquely designed lugs for positive holding and quick release of all Polywire, Rope or Tapes.
  • Greater quantity of plastic and engineered structural design results in a stronger, stiffer post. Look at the comparison below where an even tension was applied to both posts.
  • Available in 3 lengths 75cm (55cm/23in/2ft out the ground), 108cm (88cm/35in/3ft out the ground) and 142cm (122cm/48in/4ft out the ground).
  • The posts are supplied in packs of 10. All prices are quoted on a "per pack" basis.

The posts are sufficiently rigid to maintain an appealing fence and yet are designed to flex (but not break) with a "rubber band" effect. This ability to yield under pressure is less likely to injure your kamikazi pilot or aspiring Houdini.

They may cost more, but they are probably the best quality post and will last you a lot longer.

*The warranty on these products refer to the UV stability of the compound. Mechanical damage is not included.

Electric Fence post comparison


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great quality posts. Far superior to any I have bought in the past.
So much stronger than any I have previously bought from local tack shops- I have lost count of the number of broken posts I have thrown away. Ordered 4 sets of these last year and still perfect. Will only buy these in future. They don't cost very much more than any others and are so superior in quality. Definitely worth buying.
Review by Lizzie. / (Posted on 08/06/2016)