Flexinett Poultry Netting

Flexinett Poultry Netting

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Electric Flexinett Poultry Netting keeps your chickens Safe

More people are keeping friendly chickens in their back yard because you love the returns they offer. Why should you have to keep them penned into small runs just to prevent a murdering Fox from killing your flock? Let your chickens roam and range once more within the safety of an Electric Poultry Net; give yourself the satisfaction of giving them a much better quality of life than cooping them up in a small enclosed run. Electric Netting has been proven over many years to be extremely effective in deterring even the boldest fox. The electrical charge carried in the horizontal wires is highly effective at discouraging foxes from converting your favourite pets into today's ready meal (Or worse, leaving you to dispose of the remains)

electric poultry netting keeps your poultry safe

Common Uses;-Keeps in poultry, sheep, goats, cattle and guard dogs. Keeps out foxes, mink, small deer, ravaging dogs, rabbits and boar.

  • Flexinett have been manufacturing Poultry Nets for over 25 years and are leaders in the field
  • Extremely lightweight and portable with an extra close mesh construction suitable for all breeds of poultry.
  • The electric poultry fence is supplied in 50m (55 Yards) lengths with a height of 105 cm (41inches) and may be easily connected to additional lengths of netting by the attached clips.
  • An electric poultry net is very easy to erect and is highly portable, erect in 30 minutes.
  • The posts are pre-threaded onto the net so you do not have to do this tedious job
  • Poultry are well insulated by their feathers so a stronger hotSHOCK energizer is recommended. Never connect more than ONE energizer to a fence.
  • The electric poultry fence is consists of 12 Horizontal poly wires of which 11 are energized. The bottom strand is not energized and is re-enforced for added strength.
  • Each electric poultry net is supplied with 15 green posts 105cm tall with a stainless steel ground stake, A repair kit, guy twines, pegs and a warning sign.
  • The net is an attractive Green to blend into the surrounds
Net Length;  50m (55 yards). Height; 105cm (41 inches)
Number & Colour of Posts 15 Green posts
Electrified Wires;  12 Green Twines

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11 years of protection.
I use a 0.5 joule energiser to power 75m of poultry fence which I stand on builder’s damp-course so there is zero grass contact. I do have to sweep away the Autumn leaves though and make sure the wind doesn’t blow the damp-course out of place. This is year 11 and so far zero fox incursion.
Review by Gavin Masson / (Posted on 14/11/2014)
A fine product
I've been using Flexinett since the early 1990's, first with orange nets and the green has been an improvement on those since they were brought in in the early 2000's. Without a doubt a langterm product
Review by Honnor Poultry Farm, Aberdeen / (Posted on 20/10/2014)

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