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RSPB survey of birds and wildlife in British gardens has revealed that:-
1 in 4 British gardens are regularly visited by foxes.

Premium quality Electric Chicken Netting to protect your Chickens

Why confine your chickens to small runs just to protect them? Instal an electrified run so your pets may run free without the risk of attack by foxes and other predators.

Now you may have truly free-range chickens and sleep well knowing your animals will be as safe as possible and away from danger with a much better quality of life than constantly cooping them up in a small enclosed run.

Select the Netting Range of your choice.


Electric Netting - The Basics

When considering Electric Netting there are some key things to consider:

How high is the netting? (important depending on what you want to keep in or out)

  • How powerful is the fence energiser? Nets are power hungry so does it have capacity to power the net's? Each energiser has a rating for how many nets it will comfortably run
  • What mesh size is the netting ? (will foxes and mink get through or your chickens get out)
  • Make sure the netting does not touch the ground (the first line may - but not the second line) or other objects that may short out the electricity.

We supply a full range of electric netting for all uses. From entry level value nets through to the highest specification poultry nets we will help you select the right net for your needs and at the right price. Netting is supplied in a range of weave dimensions, heights and lengths to suite different animals.

How Effective ARE Electrified Nets?

The majority of information on the reliability of nets excluding foxes and other predators is from satisfied customer observations but there have been a few authorative trials run by different organisations that clearly show that they are indeal achieving their objective in keeping out Foxes.

All our nets are of the highest quality and are supplied with posts, warning sign and a repair kit. Electric netting is simply the best way to protect your poultry enclosure from predators such as foxes and badgers. Safe and highly effective, it works by giving animals an uncomfortable shock when they make contact with the electric netting. The shock does not harm the animals, but is strong enough to deter them from the fence. So you can leave your birds in their enclosure knowing that they are safe from harm.

Do not let this happen - use our Electric Chicken Nets.

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