Digital Fence Tester

Digital Fence Tester

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Accurate and Definitive Electric Fence Tester

  • Accurate digital readout giving a definite reading
  • Easy to use pocket size Tester with a belt bag
  • The only way to test a fence without using your hand - that HURTS
  • Quick aid to finding faults in an Electric Fence
  • Non slip insulation of the earth stake for greater operator security.
  • The Digital Voltmeter monitor voltages between 200 volts up to 9900 volts.
  • Operates with a 9v battery (supplied) and automatically switches itself on and off.

A standard electrician's voltmeter or electronic multimeter will not work with electric fences. The very short duration pulses will not register on instruments like these and will likely damage them!

Electric Fence Tester


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