Earth Posts, Insulated Cable, Lightning Arrestors

You need a good quality Electric Fence Earth Posts, High Voltage Cable, Lightning Protection,or your fence simply will not work.

  • The Earth Post is an essential part of an electric fence that creates contact with the ground to complete the circuit. Did you know that most problems with electric fences are due to poor contact between the post and the ground?
  • This is why it it is so important that you buy a top quality earth post from our range. The greater the surface area - the better the post. Buy one of our premium earth posts to reduce future problems and ensure you have a long lasting fence.

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  1. Electrifiable Box
    Excl. Tax: £175.00 Incl. Tax: £210.00

    An energised box to protect your energiser - zaps thieves.
      • Your energiser is vulnerable to vandals or theft when left outdoors.
      • The solid steel box protects your energiser
      • Electrified to ZAP anyone who touches it.
      • Supplied with plastic keys for your safety.
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  2. HV Cable Joining Kit
    Excl. Tax: £14.49 Incl. Tax: £17.39

    High Voltage Wire Connector

    • Kit used to join High Voltage cable.
    • Provides a watertight join.
    • May be buried underground
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  3. Lightning Arrestor Kit
    Excl. Tax: £29.00 Incl. Tax: £34.80

    Out of stock

    The Ultimate in Lightning Protection.

      • The best protection for your valuable energiser against lightning strike.
      • Protects all energisers against power surges coming down the line.
      • This is a complete kit - ready for installation.
      • Suitable for all energiser capacities
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  4. Lightning Diverter
    Excl. Tax: £14.80 Incl. Tax: £17.76

    Essential if you want to protect your fence from Lightning Strikes

      • A lightning strike will destroy the energiser and may cause a fire.
      • Very important where mains units are sited within fire-risk buildings, barns, hay sheds.
      • The arrestor diverts lightning to earth away from your energiser.
      • Suitable for units under 1 joule
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  5. High Voltage Cable

    Starting at: Excl. Tax: £6.00 Incl. Tax: £7.20

    Quality High Voltage Cable for a range of fence uses.

    • Watertight and handles voltages upto 12000v
    • Used to connect multiple earth stakes.
    • Connect fences by running beneath a gate or other open ground.
    • Connect internally housed mains units to the fence.
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  6. Earth Posts

    Starting at: Excl. Tax: £4.55 Incl. Tax: £5.46

    Maximise ground contact with quality Electric Fencing Earth rods

      • Galvanized Steel rod from 204 to 1680 square cms of surface area.
      • This single item is 50% of the fence.
      • Choice of three, please use the drop-down box to select your choice.
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  7. Energiser Stand
    Excl. Tax: £8.25 Incl. Tax: £9.90

    Combined Energiser Stand and Earth Stake

    • Holds all Horizont Energisers safely.
    • Acts as an additional earth stake
    • Energiser is held in the best position.
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7 Item(s)