Fence Accessories

A range of Electric Fencing Accessories to make sure your fence works perfectly

You may need a few of the accessories such as batteries or earth posts, or some accessories can simply be used to optimise your fence and give it more stability, more power and a longer life. Whatever you need them for, have a browse through to make sure you have everything you need.

Electric Fence Testers.

Why are they so important? 

Searching for problems in an electric fence is basically a step-by-step process. An adequate tester is essential or you are guessing - The only alternative is to use your hand and I assure you - it hurts. A tester that shows if a fence is running at 6000v is far better than those on the market with a single LED light that only shows if there is a minimum of 2000v. This is an absolute minimum and the fence may only be 2100v which is not adequate for nearly every application. Digital Testers are even more accurate and give a definitive reading.

Electric Fence Energiser Batteries.

Turbomax Batteries are Alkaline batteries (Cadmium and Mercury free) and designed for high powered energisers. They are designed for a slow drawdown of energy retaining a high constant voltage during its lifetime.

Electric Fencing Connectors.

Plastic horse fencing tape does break and it is important to join it correctly. The electrical current is carried by the little metal filaments in the tape. These need to be joined together to ensure the best transfer of power through a join. A simple knot will join the tape but will NOT necessarily join the filaments together. These need to be bared and joined together. Better yet is to use dedicated joiners that connect to the filaments correctly.

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