Steel Pig Posts.

Traditional Oval steel fence posts used by Pig and Dairy farmers for years.

  • Long lasting and very durable.
  • Ideal for strip grazing
  • Steel pig tail posts are ideal for those who have sheep, pigs and cattle and want something with extra toughness and strength.
  • With the triangular foot design they are better at holding the ground as well.
  • Fit a Pig Post insulator to the posts to mount wire at any height

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  1. Steel Pig Posts

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    Rock solid Steel Pig posts

    • Ideal for pig fences.
    • An extremely tough, solid metal post, footplate and stake.
    • An insulator at the top to secure rope or wire.
    • Additional insulators may be added to customise your fence.
    • 8mm diameter with a welded footplate - thick and sturdy.
    • Packs of 25 posts. Prices are per pack.
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  2. White Steel Post
    Excl. Tax: £50.15 Incl. Tax: £60.18

    White Steel Post

    • Ideal for course marking. Rope slips easily into the top Loop
    • Welded foot spike is easily pushed into the ground giving a secure finish
    • Plastic Loop Insulator with white finishing
    • 105cm/3.5ft total length, 90cm/3ft above ground
    • Supplied in a Pack of 30 Posts
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  3. Netting Corner Balance Post.
    Excl. Tax: £24.75 Incl. Tax: £29.70

    Netting Corner Balance Post.

    • Useful to tension corners of Electric Netting
    • Red Angle Iron. Pack of 10 Posts.
    • 115cm tall, 10cm Soldered fottplate.
    • Pointed end for easy installation.
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  4. Three Reel Fencing System
    Excl. Tax: £145.00 Incl. Tax: £174.00

    Three Reel Fence System.

    • Portable three strand Fence System.
    • Complete with reels and brackets.
    • May be used with wire, twine or tape.
    • Reels are supplied empty.
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