Fencing Posts

The Electric Fence Post is the foundation of your fence
These Electric Fencing stakes are able to handle it.

  • Our Ultimate heavyweight electric fence posts in both Green or White are supplied with a THREE Year guarantee*
  • *The warranty on these products refer to the UV stability of the compound. Physical damage is not included.
  • LOW maintenance and GOOD quality = an EFFECTIVE fence. Built to last in the toughest conditions.
  • It is simple really. You could have the best electrical rope available, but if your fence posts aren't up to the challenge then your fence could be toppled.
  • All the electric fence posts we sell are moulded from solid plastic that will hold up to the pressures exerted on a fence. The long steel shaft ensures a solid hold in the ground.
  • The posts are very versatile. There are loops where electric rope and tape may be easily inserted. The electric fence posts are also light and may be used in a number of temporary situations or as a permanent fence.
  • All prices are quoted on a "per pack" basis.
  • There are a range of lengths, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft or 5ft electric fence posts, colours, plastic or steel and quality for your choice. Look at the products below to select the most suitable electric fence post for your requirements.

Electric Horse posts suitable for Temporary fences

Here we have our range of electric fence posts with something to suit virtually all temporary, semi-permanent and permanent electrified fencing requirements. We have chosen to include only the higher quality grades of electric fence posts available on the market so you can have confidence in what you’re purchasing

Manufacture of Electric Horse Posts

Fence posts included in this section are manufactured from metal or high grade plastic. They are manufactured by Horizont, Germany in their own factory. The metal posts will require insulators in order to fix your fence lines. The plastic posts, because they are already insulated, incorporate guides, cradles, slots or holes to support the fence lines at fixed heights.

Positioning of Electric Fence Posts

As a rule of thumb, you will need to position fence posts between 5m and 7m apart. In sheltered areas and with more highly tensioned fence lines you will be able to extend this distance between posts, but in exposed and/or rough terrain the interval between posts may need to be reduced. The idea is to make the wires follow the terrain so in undulating ground the spacing is closer together. Posts should be placed wherever there is a high or low spot. On hillsides, posts should be installed perpendicular to the slope. This keeps the wire at the proper height and spacing and prevents it from binding on insulators or clips.

Anchoring Corner Posts

The better your anchor posts at the start, corners and end of the fence, the greater the fence post separation distance you will be able to get away with along the straight lengths. Please note that we do not recommend the use of plastic posts for fence corners or at the ends of the fence line, they will bend where tension is applied in an angular perspective. Electric fencing typically uses fewer posts than conventional barbed or stock fencing, making it less expensive and easier to install.

*The warranty on these products refer to the UV stability of the compound. Physical damage is not included.

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