Mains Fence Energisers

Mains Electric Fencing Energisers

  • A 220v Mains fence energiser is the pounding heart of the system providing an effective current throughout your Electric fence
  • A safe, powerful jolt that keeps animals at bay and keeps predators out. Great energy efficiency. Low power consumption
  • After 60 years of manufacturing energisers - our Mains powered energisers are reliable, powerful and provide the best cost/power ratio.
  • Just plug it in and it will do its' duty. The most popular class of energiser
  • All energisers are supplied with a minimum 2 year warranty* and backed up by a comprehensive repair facility for your peace of mind
  • Energisers are only supplied with 3 pin plug, High Voltage Cable to connect to fence and Earth Post is required.
  • Our 220v mains energisers comply with the European Standard EN 60335- 2-76 and do not cause radio or TV interference. Our energisers also comply with European Directive (EMC) 89/336/EEC) and are printed with the CE mark.

* Warranty is against manufacturing faults and does not cover damage caused by flooding, water ingress, animal damage or lightning strike.

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  1. Trapper AN12
    Excl. Tax: £89.00 Incl. Tax: £106.80

    Combination powered Fence Energisers

      • Stored Energy 1.2 Joule, Output 0.8 Joule
      • Low cost energiser suitable for Equestrian yards and all applications
      • Draws just 1.6 Watts. Extremely cheap to run.
      • Runs off either mains power or 12 battery power
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  2. Trapper AN8
    Excl. Tax: £67.00 Incl. Tax: £80.40

    Dual Power Versatility

    • Stored Energy 0.8 Joule, Output 0.45 Joule
    • Low cost energiser suitable for small yards and short fences.
    • Draws just 1.2 Watts. Extremely cheap to run.
    • Runs of either mains or 12v battery energy.
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  3. Happy NG 3.1
    Excl. Tax: £80.00 Incl. Tax: £96.00

    Happy Electric Fence Energiser

    • The Happy NG3.1 is a powerfull, effective Mains unit designed for the Equestrian market.
    • There is a selection of attractive casings that may suite your taste.
    • It's cost/energy ratio is very competitive.
    • Output Energy; 1 Joule. Draws only 2 Watts.
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  4. Copel M2
    Excl. Tax: £90.00 Incl. Tax: £108.00

    Great quality energiser

    • Stored energy; 1.5 joule.   Output energy; 1 joule.
    • Draws just 2.5watts - 20 times less than a light bulb
    • Popular Agricultural unit that is reliable and easy to use
    • Will run 5 Nets
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  5. equiStop M1
    Excl. Tax: £85.00 Incl. Tax: £102.00

    Designed for Horses

    • This is an ideal electric fence energizers for the smaller Equestrian yards.
    • The ratio of cost/power is very competitive.
    • Stored energy; 1 joule.Output energy; 0.8 joule. Draws just 2 Watts.
    • Provides the jolt needed to keep horses in the fence.
    • 2 Year Warranty and 60 YEARS of manufacturing for your peace of mind
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5 Item(s)