Electric Fence Energisers for Horses, Pigs, Poultry, Sheep, Foxes and many more.

TWO year to FIVE year Guarantee on Fence Energisers*.
Full repair facilities.

Reliable, Robust and Effective Fence Energiser - A Wimpy Energiser WILL give you a wimpy fence.

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  • A Wimpy energiser will give you a wimpy fence. Buy the best here.
  • Our energisers comply with the European Standard EN 60335- 2-76 and do not cause radio or TV interference. Our energisers also comply with European Directive (EMC) 89/336/EEC) and are printed with the CE mark.
  • An Energiser (or Fencer) is the electrical device that converts mains, battery or solar power into pulses of electricity and pushes these pulses safely down the fence line to keep your target animal in or out of the fenced area. Horizont began Electric Fencing energiser production over 60 years ago therefore all energisers offered to you have this extensive German experience and research with over 50 patents built into their pedigree.
  • Pertinent use of modern technology has resulted in our electric fence energisers being able to deliver to your requirements under extreme situations whilst the HotShock and HoriSmart energisers offer you improved features over standard energisers on the market.

* Warranty is against manufacturing faults and does not cover damage caused by flooding, water ingress, animal damage or lightning strike. Length of warranty varies between models.

The Fence Energiser needs to be powerful enough to deliver a definite jolt when your horse (or target animal) touches it, even when its current is reduced by vegetation touching the fence line or (as sometimes happens) by moist, dewy early-morning conditions. Look for Electric fencing energisers that are rated by OUTPUT JOULES, this is a measure of the oomph with which the energiser is pulsing its thousands of volts of current into the fence once every second. One joule is a minimum rating for fencing that encloses up to five acres, it is recommend getting the most powerful energiser you can afford. A higher joule rating doesn't mean the fence's jolt--which can't injure horses or other animals--will be harder or more painful, but that it will be more consistent. Remember - a wimpy fence energiser will give you a wimpy fence.

Mains powered energisers are cost effective to run and are generally more powerful than battery powered models. Always give serious consideration to installing a mains powered fence energiser and don't dismiss the idea, just because there isn't a power supply next to the fence. The mains energiser works pretty much the same way as a battery model, only with longer earth and fence leads, which you make using lead out cable. It's possible to run High Voltage insulated cable up to 1/4 mile from an energiser to the fence without significant power loss.

Make sure you choose an energiser capable of carrying out its' task.

This article will provide more information on selecting an energiser. All Electric Fence Energisers are supplied with a minimum two year warranty against manufacturing faults*. A comprehensive repair facility is available and loan energisers are available when repairs are necessary.

The difference in cost will be insignificant compared to the value of your horses and your peace of mind. Fence energisers use negligible amounts of power, whatever their rating. Install the energiser under cover where you can check it easily during each day's routine. Most chargers have a light that flashes with the electric pulse when they're plugged in and functioning. Some have a built-in function that accurately shows the voltage going into the fence. This does assist in maintenance a lot.

Selecting an energiser may be the most confusing decision possible. The decision rests around a few variables.

  • How much wire will you be energising? For example, if your fence will be 700 metres long and will have 2 energised lines then the length required is 1400 metres, 3 then 2100 metres. This would be the minimum and consideration needs to be given for future expansion, vegetation challenge and a bit extra to be sure.
  • What is the conductivity of the rope/tape or twine (conductor) you will be using? A conductor with a higher resistance (measured in Ohms per metre or Ohms/m) will reduce the amount you may put to a particular energizer. All length indications given by companies assume good quality (0.05 Ohms/m) fence conductors are involved. For example:- An energiser capable of energising 9klm with a 0.05 Ohms/m. conductor will be reduced to just 1.3klm if you use a conductor of over 10 Ohms/m. Conversley, the above energiser will use far less energy in a fence of 1.3klm when a conductor of 0.05 Ohms/m is used than the same fence using a conductor of 10 Ohms/m. A big saving on battery power. The lower the quoted figure is, the better it is
  • What animal is being controlled? Sheep and poultry have good insulation from their wool and feathers - use a higher voltage rating fence energiser even if the fence is short  - hotSHOCK or Farmer range.) the higher running voltage bridges the wool or feathers. Pigs, horses and dogs are easily controlled.(Most others are suitable) A wimpy energizer gives you a wimpy fence, don't skimp here if you want the job done.
  • Some energisers simply push out the current and are generally cheaper (but cheerfull), others have all sorts of bells and whistles and can be very handy, cheaper, safer and easier to use in the long run than the basic models.


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