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Poultry Husbandry

A Range of Poultry Equipment perfect for smaller and amenity poultry enthusiasts.

  • Agrisellex is pleased to be able to supply a range of Poultry drinkers and poultry feeders specifically for the hobby producer perfectly suitable for the back garden.
  • This is complemented by other husbandry products for the small producer.

Electric Fencing is very effective in protecting poultry from the attentions of Mr Foxy. 
Poultry netting and complete Poultry netting Kits are available from the Poultry Netting Range

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  • Infra Red Poultry Heaters

    Infra Red Poultry Heaters Both units are supplied with 2.5 metre cable, protection grill and are Safety insulated Also available with a Energy Saving option switchable to 50% of installed...
    From £19.00
  • 9 Infra Red Bulbs

    Infrared Heat Lamp Bulb A range of Infra-red bulbs with screw attachment suitable for the Infra-red Heaters on offer. Supplied in Ruby Red or Optima Range with various outputs. Please...
    From £40.00
  • Wound Ointment

     Wound Ointment Supports the natural regeneration of skin. Dry and cracked skin will become supple and regenerated. Based on Zinc Oxide in an easy application spray can. CFC's free.
  • Poultry Feeders

    Free Range Poultry Feeders A range of poultry feeders suitable for free range chickens. Free-flowing and easy to use poultry feeders. All chicken feeders have got sealed tops to reduce...
    From £9.00
  • Chick Tray Feeders

    A range of chick feeders made of galvinised metal with a feeding lattice over the top. A choice of four sizes is available.
    From £14.50
  • Treadle Poultry Feeder

    Rat Proof Treadle feeder for chickens Innovative treadle feeder in thick galvanised sheet Prevents feed waste and theft from Rats Two birds can eat at the same time. Holds about...
  • Poultry Bulk Feeder

    Bulk Chicken Feeder Mountable feeder Modular feeder with a 5 kilo extension cartridge Rain shield to protect the feed Takes nearly all types of feed  Prevents ‘scratching out’ by birds...
    From £8.00
  • Tripod Bulk Poultry Drinker

    Free Range Tripod Bulk Poultry Drinkers Looking for a "No Hassle" poultry drinker? - well this chicken drinker is fantastic! It is a top filling poultry drinker on a tripod...
    From £30.00
  • Poultry Drinkers

    Freestanding Poultry Drinkers Made of resistant plastic. Bayonet type may be hung above ground Press on are free standing on the ground Some models are press on closure - Some...
    From £5.75
  • Plastic Poultry Feeder

    Plastic Poultry Feeders. Feed supply may be adjusted by simply altering the height of the feed hopper. Less wastage and less spoiling. Both units may be hung or used on...
    From £13.50
  • Multi-Function Chicken Drinker

    Multi-function Chicken Drinking Bowl. Semi-automatic drinker to attach to water tanks, buckets and any other type of container up to 180cm / 6 ft water depth With 12mm / ½...
  • Bottle Drinker for Chicks

    Bottle Holder for a Chick Drinker. A very handy chick drinker that uses a common soft drink bottle as it's water reservior. The base fits all common soft drink bottles....
  • Disinfecting Brush Boot Cleaner

    Automatic Cleaning and Disinfecting of soiled Farm Boots. Solid construction made of Stainless Steel will last for ages. Disinfecting solution is drawn by venturi system in the water feed. Mains...
  • Water Pipe Heating Cable

    Stop your Condenser Boiler overflow pipe freezing. Every winter many boilers stop functioning when the weather gets seriously cold when the over-flow pipe from the boiler freezes up. This puts...
    From £20.00
  • Cannibalism Spray

    Anti Cannibalism Spray Prevents birds from pecking and feather pulling. Use at the first sign of damage. 400ml aerosol can without CFC's. Many birds develop the distressful habit of plucking...
  • Ultimate Spray Head

    Ultimate Spray Gun The housing is made of a zinc casting covered with thermorubber protection. May be used upto 7 bars and upto 70°C. It has a very solid grip...
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