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Lambing and Calving

Here at Agrisellex, we supply a convenient range of Lambing and Calving Equipment that will be delivered to your door. Equipment suitable to feed orphan lambs.
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  • Disinfecting Brush Boot Cleaner

    Automatic Cleaning and Disinfecting of soiled Farm Boots. Solid construction made of Stainless Steel will last for ages. Disinfecting solution is drawn by venturi system in the water feed. Mains...
  • Spare Boot Cleaner Brush

    Spare brush for Automatic Boot Cleaner Spare brush for the Automatic disinfecting boot cleaner. Supplied and priced as a single brush There are 5 brushes in the original cleaner.
  • Electric Magic Shock Coaxer.

    Electric Cattle Prodder Highly effective animal prodder suitable for gentle coaxing of animals around the yard. Economic standard prodder. Completely sealed electric circuitry against dirt, dust and moisture. Operates at...
    From £50.00
  • Spare Shaft for Magic Shock 150

    Flexible Shafts to fit Magic Shock 150 Flexible shaft made of poycarbonate plastic Resistant to breaking Will fit both Magic Shock 150 and Magic Shock 200. Two lengths available, 30cm...
    From £19.00
  • Electric Prodder Ranger Plus

    Electric Cattle Prodder Highly effective animal prodder suitable for gentle coaxing of animals around the yard. Economic standard prodder that is operated by a button press. Completely sealed electric curcuitry...
  • Portable Feed Manger

    Portable Feed Manger with Creep Feed option Manufactured with high impact resistant polypropylene with rounded edges to prevent breaking and injury. Moulded mounting brackets and carrying handle. 13.5 liter capacity....
    From £8.00
  • Automatic Nose Fill Drinking Bowl

    Automatic Filling Drinking Bowls with a Pressure Tongue Feed The easiest way to deliver constant clean water to your horses - day and night. The animal drinks from the bowl...
    From £15.66
  • Water Pipe Heating Cable

    Stop your Condenser Boiler overflow pipe freezing. Every winter many boilers stop functioning when the weather gets seriously cold when the over-flow pipe from the boiler freezes up. This puts...
    From £20.00
  • Lamb Feed Bottles

    Lamb Feeding Bottles These bottles are ideal for feeding lambs who need additional feed given by hand. Scale markings are on the side of the bottle. Easy to clean and...
    From £3.10
  • Milk Churn

    Durable Milk Churns Suitable to store milk and other liquid food stuff Acid and milk-acid resistant Heat resistant upto 80°C Non-toxic and cadmium free plastic compound A range of four...
    From £36.00
  • Rat Bait Boxes and Poison Pellets Rat Bait Boxes and Poison Pellets
    Sold Out

    Rat Bait Boxes and Poison Pellets

    Rat Bait Boxes and Rat Poison Bait These bait boxes are lockable, tamper proof, compact and secure They provide an effective bait station secure from children and other non target species....
    From £5.50
  • Cordless De-Horner

    Cordless Electric De-Horner. The Cordless de-horner works off a built in Ni-Mh battery that incorporates a battery control function. You don't have to lug around a gas canister or have...
  • Elastrator

    Rubber Ring Elastator for Calves, Kids and Lambs Elastration is a bloodless method of castration and docking commonly used for livestock . Elastration is simply banding the body part (scrotum...
  • Elastrator Rings

    Elastrator Rings Quality you can rely on. No other ring undergoes such rigorous quality testing. Trusted the world over for over 50 years. For castrating animals and tailing lambs. A...
  • Ultimate Spray Head

    Ultimate Spray Gun The housing is made of a zinc casting covered with thermorubber protection. May be used upto 7 bars and upto 70°C. It has a very solid grip...
  • Economy Spray Head

    Spray Gun Head With a plastic insert and brass nozzle. The housing is made of a zinc casting with a yellow powder coating. Uses a solid action lever with an...
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