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Premium Electric fence rope at a great price

  • By presenting a lower cross-section to the wind and damaging sunlight - Rope lasts longer, looks neater, cheaper and is just as visible.
  • Rope is less effected by wind-action so does not "flap" in the wind.
  • The plastic filaments are made out of Polyethylene that has greater strength and protection from the Sun's damaging UV rays- YOUR fence will last longer. (See below)
  • Very high conductivity and suitable for long fences or use with low powered energisers to maximize their output.
  • With the hotShock's low resistance of just 0.22 Ohms/ Meter giving it excellent conductivity, this is the ideal rope to deliver that essential electronic "barb" to where you want your Electric fence to work at its' best.
  • Your energiser will use LESS energy driving the electricity because of the good conductivity - Your battery will last longer.
  • Supplied in a choice of a 6 mm rope in 200 or 400 meter reels.
  • A THREE year warranty* confirms our confidence in the product.

There is a cheap Copycat rope on the market that looks identical - when new - to this quality rope but it does not have a performance close to the Hotstop Rope. The picture below shows the two side by side. The copy on the left has lost its colour and has been affected by the UV rays after ONLY 18 months in the sun. It is brittle, fraying, falling apart, totally useless and has to be replaced. The genuine article on the right is after 14 months in the field, shows no sign of degradation and still has 2 years to go under warranty*.

Copycat Ranger Rope

Buy Only the Genuine Article - we are proud of it.

*The warranty offered on all the above ropes is limited to sunlight's Ultra Violet degradation of the plastic material and does not cover mechanical damage by wind action, animal action, abrasion or damage by lightning strike.

Ranger Electric Fence Rope

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