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Electric Fencing Earth Posts, Lead-out Cable, Lightning Arrestors

You need an efficient earth system to make your electric fence work.

  • The Earth Post (or Grounding Post) is an essential part of an electric fence that creates contact with the ground to complete the circuit.
  • Did you know that most problems with electric fences are due to poor contact between the post and the ground?
  • This is why it it is so important that you buy a top quality earth post from our range.
  • The greater the surface area - the better the post.
  • Buy one of our premium earth posts to reduce future problems and ensure you have a long lasting fence.
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  • Earth Posts

    Maximise ground contact with quality Electric Fencing Earth rods A good earth is essential for a well installed and effective Electric Fence. It is 50% of the circuit and where...
    From £6.50
  • High Volt Lead Out Cable

    Double insulated High Voltage underground cable for Electric Fences Double insulated High Voltage capacity cable (12000 volts) used to connect multiple earth stakes Must also be used to connect internally...
    From £9.00
  • High Volt Cable Jointing Kit

    High Voltage Wire Connector Insulated waterproof connection for splicing High Voltage Cables Easy to use and effective. May be buried underground. Additional lengths of High Volt cable may be easily...
  • Lightning Diverter

    Protect your expensive Electric Fencing energiser from Lightning Suitable for units under 1 Joule Protects the energizer from lightning strikes Install a lightning diverter (commonly referred to as a lightning...
  • Electrifiable Box for electric fences

    Stop theft of your vulnerable energiser and battery. The entire box may be locked and electrified, the whole box is live so that a thief is well and truly shocked by the...
    From £70.00
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