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  1. Farmer AN1000S
    Excl. Tax: £300.00 Incl. Tax: £360.00

    New Product

      • Stored energy; 1.3 joule. Output energy; 0.9J.
      • A 100ahH battery should last 1100 hours without the 10W solar input*
      • Fully portable with the enclosed battery.
      • Battery level display
      • May be locked and attached to immovable object - reducing theft
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  2. hotShock A50 GPS
    Excl. Tax: £370.00 Incl. Tax: £444.00

    NEW: Anti Theft GPS Tracking Technology

    • GPS anti theft tracking that may be viewed on Google Maps.
    • Remote function control via Mobile phone notifying you of issues
    • 3 Year Warranty and 60 YEARS of manufacturing for your peace of mind
    • Stored energy 4.2 Joule, Output Power 3 J.
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  3.  Ranger AN3000S
    Excl. Tax: £395.00 Incl. Tax: £474.00

    Powerful electric fence energiser with an integrated battery box

    • Stored energy; 2.6 joule. Output energy; 2 J.
    • A 100ahH battery should last 360 hours.*
    • Fully portable with the enclosed battery.
    • 6 Level voltage control for total variability.
    • Built in VCS technology - LED's constantly tell you the condition of your fence.
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  4. 500m Geared Polywire. 3 Reel
    Excl. Tax: £315.00 Incl. Tax: £378.00

    500m Geared Polywire System.

    1. Practical, flexible way to protect hedges and sub-dividing padocks.
    2. Perfect for creating a temporary enclosure.
    3. 3 Geared reel system.
    4. Supplied complete ready to attach your energiser.
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  5. horiSmart N220
    Excl. Tax: £398.00 Incl. Tax: £477.60

    A very powerful, intelligent system with added safety in mind

    • Stored Energy; 20 joule. Output Energy 11 joule. Draws just 26 watts - half that of a 40watt light bulb
    • Intelligent technology. The unit detects the type of contact - whether animal or vegetation then adjust the power to suit.
    • The smart system delivers the right charge everytime.
    • Well worth the higher price for this added smart technology
    • Built in VCS technology - LED's give a constant reading of the strength of your fence
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5 Item(s)