Disinfecting Brush Boot Cleaner

Disinfecting Brush Boot Cleaner

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Automatic Cleaning and Disinfecting of soiled Farm Boots.

  • Solid construction made of Stainless Steel will last for ages.
  • Disinfecting solution is drawn by venturi system in the water feed.
  • Mains water is connected to the top.
  • Simply open the watercock and clean your boots.
  • No Slipping.
  • Ideal for all dairies and poultry units to minimise the risk of spreading infections and virus.
  • Supplied complete and ready to use with 5 wear resistant nylon brushes.

Simply connect the boot scrubber to a hose pipe or water supply and use the integral tap to stop or start the water supply to the brushes. A separate pipe delivers fresh disinfectant. The base includes a grate for scraping excess muck from the soles.

Automatic boot disinfecting