For those of you who use electric fencing to stop your horses straying or in the winter to prevent a paddock becoming a muddy morass.

As you know horses usually respect electric fencing when they are rug-less but as soon as you  put a rung on then the general chaos starts this is because the rug insulates the horse from the fence so unless the horse touched the fence with a part of it's body without a rug on it will not get the necessary shock to make it back off.

The chest and neck areas of the Guardian Electric Fence rug panels built in are designed to act as a direct conduit for electricity between the fence and the horse. The current from the fence is instantly transferred to the inside panel where it is felt by the horse. The rugs and neck covers are made using specialist technical fabrics that simply pick up the pulse from the fence and carry it through to the rug1inside of the rug . This simply means the horse receives the same effect from touching the fence as they would if the horse was rug less.  The rugs are made using 100% fabric, so there is no wires or batteries at all – just very clever fabrics.

The rugs look and feel exactly the same as a normal turnout rug – but with the incredibly useful benefit that they all work with electric fencing to prevent escapes.

The entire outer layer of the neck cover will work with electric fencing, it does not matter if the horse puts his head underneath it or leans over the top, the neck cover will work instantly channelling the current through to the inside so the horse can feel the shock.

The rugs have a special strap on the inside that is designed to always be in direct contact with the horse – so you can layer multiple rugs (any brand or style) underneath your electric fence rug and still guarantee 100% effect from your fence every time.rug2This range of turn-out rugs has the added benefit of Du Ponts Shield + Teflon coating so the rug resists water absorption and also dries up to 50% quicker than normal fabrics following heavy rain. The Teflon coating helps to protect the fabrics and provides a more durable and breathable rug. The application of Teflon also helps the fabric to resist dirt and grease, if you have your rugs washed annually you can revive the Teflon coating by asking your rug washer to refresh the dwr coating using either a Teflon, Nik wax or similar dwr application.

Washing your Rug – All our rugs can be washed the same as any normal turnout rug – be sure to follow the 3 golden rules of washing a waterproof garment

  • Always wash under 30c
  • Always wash using a special turnout rug liquid or powder – normal household washing powders and liquids can severely damage or even completely remove the waterproof pu coating
  • Always line dry your rugs – tumble drying can melt away the waterproof pu coating
These guidelines apply to washing any waterproof product

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