Moocall - an aid to predict calving times.

Losing a valuable calf to a difficult calving is an expensive business. The cost of the bull and the cost of carrying the cow through to parturition plus the possible additional loss of the cow as well all add up to a considerable expense that must be carried by the farmer. When the herd is a small specialist one - the percentage of loss can be high.

Notifies you of imminent calving.

Many calvings take place at night or when the herdsman is otherwise occupied so it makes sense to assist in the calving process. Bovine mortality rates today are comparable to mankind giving birth unassisted centuries ago. It looked like this high mortality rate could be drastically lowered by utilising technology to monitor labour and triggering an alert prior to calving occurring. Simply being present at the birth to assist if needed, or call the vet to intervene if necessary, would have a beneficial impact on the health and safety of both cow and calf.

Moocall is a tail mounted sensor that measures the movement of the tail that typically is swung back and forth as the cow commences parturition. This then gives the herdsman an approximate 1 hour warning that the cow is going into labour. This then allows him to pay attention to that particular cow. Easy calvings may result in shorter notice periods and difficult calvings could text two to three hours before. A second reminder text will be sent 1 hour after the first text if tail activity continues.

The unit may be used on several animals and a unit should be adequate for upto 30 head in a standard breeding regime. They are powered by a rechargeable battery and are weather proof.

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