• Moocall - an aid to predict calving times.

    Losing a valuable calf to a difficult calving is an expensive business. The cost of the bull and the cost of carrying the cow through to parturition plus the possible additional loss of the cow as well all add up to a considerable expense that must be carried by the farmer. When the herd is a small specialist one - the percentage of loss can be high.

    Notifies you of imminent calving.

    Many calvings take place at night or when the herdsman is otherwise occupied so it makes sense to assist in the calving process. Bovine mortality rates today are comparable to mankind giving birth unassisted centuries ago. It looked like this high mortality rate could be drastically lowered by utilising technology to monitor labour and triggering an alert prior to calving occurring. Simply being present at the birth to assist if needed, or call the vet to intervene if necessary, would have a beneficial impact on the health and safety of both cow and calf.

    Moocall is a tail mounted sensor that measures the movement of the tail that typically is swung back and forth as the cow commences parturition. This then gives the herdsman an approximate 1 hour warning that the cow is going into labour. This then allows him to pay attention to that particular cow. Easy calvings may result in shorter notice periods and difficult calvings could text two to three hours before. A second reminder text will be sent 1 hour after the first text if tail activity continues.

    The unit may be used on several animals and a unit should be adequate for upto 30 head in a standard breeding regime. They are powered by a rechargeable battery and are weather proof.

  • Who is Agrisellex?

    Our association with Electric fencing began in the early 1980's based in Zimbabwe and  covered Central Africa where we used electric fencing to assist farmers, wildlife conservationalists and entrepreneurs to control the wild animals. This involved a huge range of animals covering the whole spectrum of African wildlife.

    Rhino_wire Rhino within a simple 4 strand fence

    One particularly satisfying project was assisting to secure the safety of the declining Black Rhino population in Wildlife conservancies. Many farmers found that electric fencing increased yields by excluding animals that were feeding on their produce. We regularly heard of counts of up to 100 Kudu in a wheat field in one night doing serious damage to the farmers returns. A large citrus estate in the south of Zimbabwe found the returns so startling it paid for the fencing in just one year.

    Following the turmoil created by Robert Mugabe's anti European policies in Zimbabwe, we moved to the UK in 2000. After gaining experience under UK conditions with Horizont we began trading as a separate entity. We have since become proficient in the Equestrian side of Electric fencing in addition to the normal environmental and agricultural application of the product.

    Recent contracts have included working to protect a leading oil company's Siberian oil facilities from attacks by bears. Reducing the Human/Elephant conflict in Africa and contributing to the re-release of wolves in Italy

    ele5 Elephant behind a 10 strand fence

    Agrisellex is pleased to be associated with horizont Agrartechnik gmbh.  (Established 1945) This solid German company has been producing Electric fencing products for over 60 years. Amongst the top three largest brands world wide -the name "horizont" is widely known throughout the world for its excellence in electric fencing for livestock. It is synonymous with German quality and stands for more than 60 years of leading edge technology in research, development, manufacture and product superiority supported by a large number of international patents and trademarks. The activities of the company reflect the ever increasing demands from farmers and livestock owners for more reliable, less labour intensive and more secure livestock fencing.

    In 2008 Horizont acquired the premier UK firm - Hotline Electric Fencing (established 1968) further enhancing the ability to develop an unsurpassed range of electric fencing products.

    Thousands of Equestrian personnel and Farmers world-wide appreciate the highly developed technology of horizont's energisers. These are continually updated and new models incorporate many unique features that increase target safety and combat theft by allowing tracking of stolen energisers.

    HM Customs and Excise. Reg No; 896 3257 76

    EU VAT Number: GB896325776

    EORI Number: GB 896325776000

    Agrisellex UK is a registered company under the terms of the Companies Act 2006, Number 7302486

  • Guardian Electric Fence Compatible Horse Rugs

    For those of you who use electric fencing to stop your horses straying or in the winter to prevent a paddock becoming a muddy morass.

    As you know horses usually respect electric fencing when they are rug-less but as soon as you  put a rung on then the general chaos starts this is because the rug insulates the horse from the fence so unless the horse touched the fence with a part of it's body without a rug on it will not get the necessary shock to make it back off.

    The chest and neck areas of the Guardian Electric Fence rug panels built in are designed to act as a direct conduit for electricity between the fence and the horse. The current from the fence is instantly transferred to the inside panel where it is felt by the horse. The rugs and neck covers are made using specialist technical fabrics that simply pick up the pulse from the fence and carry it through to the rug1inside of the rug . This simply means the horse receives the same effect from touching the fence as they would if the horse was rug less.  The rugs are made using 100% fabric, so there is no wires or batteries at all – just very clever fabrics.

    The rugs look and feel exactly the same as a normal turnout rug – but with the incredibly useful benefit that they all work with electric fencing to prevent escapes.

    The entire outer layer of the neck cover will work with electric fencing, it does not matter if the horse puts his head underneath it or leans over the top, the neck cover will work instantly channelling the current through to the inside so the horse can feel the shock.

    The rugs have a special strap on the inside that is designed to always be in direct contact with the horse – so you can layer multiple rugs (any brand or style) underneath your electric fence rug and still guarantee 100% effect from your fence every time.rug2

    This range of turn-out rugs has the added benefit of Du Ponts Shield + Teflon coating so the rug resists water absorption and also dries up to 50% quicker than normal fabrics following heavy rain. The Teflon coating helps to protect the fabrics and provides a more durable and breathable rug. The application of Teflon also helps the fabric to resist dirt and grease, if you have your rugs washed annually you can revive the Teflon coating by asking your rug washer to refresh the dwr coating using either a Teflon, Nik wax or similar dwr application.

    Washing your Rug – All our rugs can be washed the same as any normal turnout rug – be sure to follow the 3 golden rules of washing a waterproof garment

    1. Always wash under 30c
    2. Always wash using a special turnout rug liquid or powder – normal household washing powders and liquids can severely damage or even completely remove the waterproof pu coating
    3. Always line dry your rugs – tumble drying can melt away the waterproof pu coating

    These guidelines apply to washing any waterproof product

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