Flexinett 25m Poultry Net

Flexinett 25m Poultry Net

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Electric Poultry Netting

This 25m (27yard) Electric poultry fence is widely proven and is ideal for protecting small flocks of free ranging poultry from foxes.

  • The electrical charge carried in the horizontal wires is highly effective at discouraging foxes from converting your favourite pets into today's ready meal (Or worse, leaving you to dispose of the remains)
  • Extremely lightweight and portable with an extra close mesh construction, The electric poultry fence is supplied in 25m lengths with a height of 105 cm.
  • Poultry are well insulated by their feathers so a stronger hotSHOCK energizer is recommended.
  • The 25m (27 yard) electric poultry fence is consists of 12 Horizontal poly wires of which 11 are energized. The bottom strand is not energized but the line is re-enforced for strength.
  • The electric poultry net is supplied with 9 Posts 105cm high. Available only in green

Green horizontal twines electrified with stainless steel filaments with a conductivity of 3.5 Ohms/meter. A highly effective electric poultry fence. Never connect more than ONE energizer to a fence.

Net Length;  25m (27 yards)
Number & Colour of Posts;  9 Green posts
Electrified Wires;  11 Green Twines

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