HotShock B4

HotShock B4

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hotShock B4 & 150aH Battery (details)
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hotShock B4 (details)
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Protect your chickens from Foxes

Very powerful for a 9v energiser, designed for insensitive animals and fences with a high vegetation challenge. The high running voltage enables the current to bridge the natural insulating qualities of wool and feathers to maximize the control of these difficult groups of livestock making this unit particularly suitable for Deer, poultry, foxes and sheep.

  • Highly effective against the insulating qualities of Deer hair and poultry feathers. Foxes, Badgers, Mink and Wild Boar are effectively excluded and your valuable birds protected.
  • Supplied with an earthstake, all necessary connections, ready to use.
  • Not supplied with a battery. A 9v dry 150aH Battery may be selected from the options. This battery may last about 4200 hours.*
  • May also be run by an external 12v rechargeable battery (Preferably a leisure battery but a car battery may be used.) The unit may be run with the 9v battery retained within the box as a standby when recharging the 12v battery. For use with 12v battery a Connection Cable is required.12v batteries are not supplied

Stored power; 0.4Joules.    Output power; 0.35 Joules
Max Voltage; 10000v.   500 Ohm volts; 6000v
Max length; 11m (18km).    Realistic length; 8m (13km).
Will run 3 nets at best, do not attach to more.

* The figure refers to the energiser being in constant operation without any drainage on the system. It should be considered as an absolute maximum as there are always animals or vegetation touching a fence, poor insulation etc. Realistically expect about 70-80% of that figure.