Electric Sheep Netting

Premium quality Electric Sheep Netting to protect your Sheep

  • Electrified Netting has been consistently proven to be the most effective barrier to predators that may be after your valuable animals. Used by farmers and smallholdings around Europe to protect their sheep.
  • Electric Sheep netting is very easy to erect and move - a true portable solution.
  • Robust and easy to handle. Ideal for fast moving, demand grazing systems that are moved regularly.

Agrisellex Offers two types of electric netting;-

Livestok Sheep Netting. 

Livestok Sheep Netting features risers made of more rigid polypropylene material that assist in maintaining the fence in an upright stance. Overall maintenance and installation times are reduced.

Flexinett Sheep Netting.

Flexinett electric Sheep Netting risers are made of the same material as the rest of the net and are more flexible. Flexinett are one of the longest established brands of electric netting in the world.

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  1. Livestok Sheep Netting

    Starting at: Excl. Tax: £58.50 Incl. Tax: £70.20

    The Livestok Electric Sheep Net is more stable than other Sheep nets

    • Semi-rigid plastic vertical strut every 30cm in place of plain poly wire.
    • The stability reduces movement time of the nets
    • Retains a more vertical stability than other nets
    • Very stable and effective against predatory foxes.
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  2. Flexinett Sheep Netting

    Starting at: Excl. Tax: £63.95 Incl. Tax: £76.74

    Flexinett Sheep Netting

    • A very well known and established manufacturer.
    • Effective control of all sheep.
    • Very easy to use and erect
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  3. Sheep Fencing Kit

    As low as: £136.50

    A Kit containing everything you need to set up an Electric Net for your sheep.

    • This order form will allow you to select all of the essential equipment to create an electric fence.
    • Top quality, premium netting, energisers and accessories to choose from
    • Ideal if you are not sure what you need to set up your first electric fence.
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  4. Ultimate HotGate
    Excl. Tax: £25.00 Incl. Tax: £30.00

    The Ultimate HotGate for a Poultry Net

    • Links into existing poultry nets to provide simple access in and out of poultry netting enclosures
    • No need to turn the energiser off. Simple single hand operation
    • This is a net 120cm long by 108cm tall.
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  5. Netting Corner Balance Post.
    Excl. Tax: £18.60 Incl. Tax: £22.32

    Netting Corner Balance Post.

    • Useful to tension corners of Electric Netting
    • Red Angle Iron. Pack of 10 Posts.
    • 115cm tall, 10cm Soldered fottplate.
    • Pointed end for easy installation.
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  6. Spare Netting Posts and Netting Repair Kit

    Starting at: Excl. Tax: £2.10 Incl. Tax: £2.52

    Spare Posts of many sizes and netting repair kits. Learn More
  7. Deer/Fox Net
    Excl. Tax: £120.00 Incl. Tax: £144.00

    The Deer and Fox-busting net.

      • Perfect for excluding Foxes and deer from gardens.
      • 145cm (4 feet 10 inches) high x 50m(55yards) long, close mesh Electrified nets
      • Thick 20mm posts for great stability
      • Top and bottom twines strengthened
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  8. 5.6ft anti Wolf/Fox Net
    Excl. Tax: £145.00 Incl. Tax: £174.00

    The Tallest Electric Net on the Market

    Don't allow Foxes to feed on your Chickens.
      • A true deer net
      • These extra tall nets will give your pets total protection by zapping the foxes.
      • Perfect for excluding Foxes and deer from gardens and your poultry.
      • 170cm (5ft 6in) x 25m long Electrified nets
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