Ultimate Chicken Netting

Ultimate Chicken Netting

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Protect your chickens -The 145cm (4ft 10in) Ultimate Green Chicken Net is the most effective available

Give yourself the satisfaction of giving them a much better quality of life than cooping them up in a small enclosed run.

More people are keeping friendly chickens in their back yard because you love the returns they offer. Why should you have to keep them penned into small runs just to prevent a murdering Fox from killing your flock? Let your chickens roam and range once more within the safety of an Electric Chicken Net, give yourself the satisfaction of giving them a much better quality of life than cooping them up in a small enclosed run. Electric Netting has been proven over many years to be extremely effective in deterring even the boldest fox. The electrical charge carried in the horizontal wires is highly effective at discouraging foxes from converting your favourite pets into today's ready meal (Or worse, leaving you to dispose of the remains). The simplest Poultry Net - Un-pack it, un-roll it, spike it in to ground in any shape you want in a few minutes.Take it down and move in minutes to fresh pasture.

  • A Super tall 145 cm/ 4 feet 10 inches Green Electric Chicken Net perfect for totally excluding all predators and smaller deer.
  • The close 7.5 x 5cm weave will keep all poultry within the net easily. See Diagram below.
  • The double prong, 20mm posts are thicker than standard posts and are attached to the mesh to increase the stability of the net once erected. Each post has twin prongs to secure the net onto the ground.
  • Netting is widely shown to be highly effective at protecting your chickens from wolves, foxes and feral dogs.
  • These taller nets will exclude even those hardy jumpers.
  • Both top and bottom wires are re-enforced for added strength to assist in tensioning the net out.
  • For the maximum possible protection, couple these nets with a hotSHOCK energizer and deliver a Devilish sting to the fox. Must be connected to an effective energiser.
  • An ideal net to exclude Foxes from your property and prevent them consuming your poultry.
  • Poultry are not the greatest fliers so the extra height helps to keep them in the run and safe.
  • This lightweight electric netting may be rapidly dismantled, bundled up and re-erected in another area. It is effective at allowing chickens access to specific grazing areas so allowing rested areas to re-grow, re- vitalise, as well as excluding a fox.
  • Supplied with the necessary connections, Warning sign, Repair Kit, Guy ropes and pegs.
How effective are poultry nets Net Length;  25m (27 yards) Height; 145cm (4ft 10in)
Number & Colour of Posts;  8 Black posts coupled with Double steel prongs
Electrified Wires;  Green Twines

Don't let Foxes mutilate your birds.

Tall Electric Poultry netting

Netting Weave Dimensions


Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

I am happy with the net
I know everyone says the standard net will keep a fox out but this extra height give me much greater piece of mind. I am content that I've done the best. The net is very easy to move so the birds have new grass regularly.
Review by Robyn Paxton/ Gloucestershire / (Posted on 05/01/2015)
Best I've found.
Very happy with this net now that I've had it for 4 months. Neighbour was cleaned out and has bought one as well. Horse bolted - stable door closed but hey it works.
Review by Christine Kelly / (Posted on 12/06/2014)
Good Quality
Adding my recommendation is easy. It has worked well after losing 6 of my babies to a terrorist fox. I know he is still around but he has left me alone.
Review by Serena from Sussex / (Posted on 23/05/2014)
Best Net
Very impressed with the quality of the net. Found it very effective and I'm feeling that I've done the best for my birds.
Review by Maureen W / (Posted on 15/02/2013)

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