Handy Fence Tester

Handy Fence Tester

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Convenient Electric Fence Tester

  • Indispensible for daily fence maintenance - used to locate fence faults.
  • Reading range between 2000 and 10000v - unlike the majority on the market that only go to 5500v
  • May be used to test the output voltage of the energiser
  • Utilises a simple potentiometer to read the current in the fence - no earth necessary.
  • Far more reliable than a blade of grass and less painfull than using your hand to make sure the fence is working.
  • Many testers on the market only go to a maximum of 5500v - this is the Minimum that a highly efficient fence should be running at.
  • Utilises a simple 1.5v penlight battery. There is a low battery warning light.

To Operate:- Simply press the metal loop against the conductor and press the central button. A LED light will show corresponding to the voltage.

Testing an Electric Fence

Electric Fence Tester


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