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The Effects of Rust on a Mild steel Earth Rod

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Effective electric fencing is highly dependent on an effective electrical circuit that includes a section that goes from the animal through the ground to the earth stake and hence back to the energiser. This then completes the circuit and results … Continue reading

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The Benefit of Electric Fencing to Human/Animal Conflict

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On average, 800-1000 elephants die every year around the world due to intense human-elephant conflict. To this must be added the numbers of alternate species that are killed due to their conflict with human settlement. Many hippo, buffalo and antelope … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Electric Poultry Net

Calling all poultry producers! The availability of electric fencing has transformed free-range poultry keeping. It is arguable that without it, the keeping of extensive, free-range commercial poultry flocks would never have happened. Agrisellex have now increased that range by introducing … Continue reading

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A Pig called Houdini

Went round to my cousin Ian who has been complaining about his pig Dorothy escaping from his plot. Up until now, he’d had the pig in a chain-link fence. She stayed in there when she wanted to, but only when … Continue reading

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Monkeys escaping from an Electric Fence

A Safari Park has a problem with monkeys escaping from a fenced area that had existing electric fencing on the chain link fencing. They were observed to be climbing up the posts placing hands and feet between the wires and … Continue reading

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