GPS Tracking Electric Fencing Energisers have their first results.

In January we put on the market a range of energisers that will track a stolen energiser and notify the owner of the current situation.

Three energisers were stolen from a farmer in the vicinity of Arnstein, Germany on Tuesday 20th. October. The owner was notified and the energisers were tracked by the German Police resulting in the energisers being recovered the following day in the town itself. Together with the energisers a quantity of other stolen material not related to the case was also recovered.

This successful recovery is a boost to our claims that this range can reduce the theft of energisers that by their very nature have to be left exposed in rural and remote fields.

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Agrisellex association with Electric fencing began 31 years ago in Central Africa where electric fencing was used to assist farmers, wildlife conservation entrepreneurs to control all aspects of African wildlife. We moved to the UK in 2000 and have become involved in all aspects of English Electric Fencing over these 13 years. Agrisellex has a long association with horizont Agrartechnik gmbh. This German company has been producing Electric fencing products for 60 years and is synonymous with German quality. Find us on Google+
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