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Horses vision – dispelling the myths.

Good with depth, trouble with depth; colourblind, not colourblind; sharp vision, blurry vision, night vision – which is it? Answers differ, depending on who is doing the talking. More often than not, the speaker is someone people trust and, therefore, … Continue reading

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Six “do’s and don’ts” with Electric fencing

Do place ground rods in permanently damp ground. About 95 percent of all electric fence problems are due to poor grounding. Don’t use an energiser that isn’t EU approved. EU approved energisers are certified safe for both horses and for … Continue reading

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Electric Fencing and the Human/Predator Conflict

Karelia is a region that straddles the border of Southeast Finland and Northwest Russia. The Russian side of the border has only a small human population whilst the Finnish side is relatively densely populated. Historically, wolves have always been disliked … Continue reading

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