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Electric Fencing in Dry Soil Conditions.

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All energisers provide a pulse of energy that originates from their ‘hot’ terminal then travels down the fence line on a charged or ‘hot’ wire. Most users understand this aspect of electric fencing. It’s fairly obvious that the hot wires can’t … Continue reading

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Curing a horse immune to electricity

I was at a function over the weekend and I was buttonholed by a lady who insisted that she had a horse that was immune to electricity and “laughed” at electric fencing. This was a challenge I could not resist … Continue reading

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Hunt is on for an Illegal Electric Fence.

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The hunt is on to nab a farmer who has erected an illegal electric fence utilising barbed wire and a 220 volt mains supply. Staff patrolling the Thirukkurunkudi forest stumbled upon an electrified fence around the farm of Annadurai, a … Continue reading

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Possible solution to Desertification

Desertification is the result of poor decisions made by humans and the huge population growth over a long period and is possibly a worse contributor to the release of carbon and methane to the atmosphere. I am posting a talk … Continue reading

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65-year-old man electrocuted

The improvised electric fence connected directly to mains. Direct electricity kills – Electric Fencing does not. “Trashigang police detained a 16-year old boy yesterday after his hand-made electric fencing electrocuted a 65-year old man in Yonphu-Pam under Kanglung gewog. The … Continue reading

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The effect of Cold Temperatures on 12v Battery powered Electric Fencing Energisers

Cold weather may have a serious effect on the strength and longevity of wet cell 12v batteries. Continue reading

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Cattle being kept off walkways by Electric Fencing

Cattle on the rotary pathways are messy and will discourage cyclists from using the facility, a Havelock North woman says. Christine Treacher and her husband frequently cycled along the Pakowhai to Awatoto pathway but had been put off in the … Continue reading

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Are Horses able to see Tape better than Wire?

The question is often asked if horses can see Electric fencing tape better than standard fencing wire and the probable answer based on the human eye is yes, the question whether they can see wire AT ALL is a different … Continue reading

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How NOT to use Electric Fencing.

8 November, 2009 – Pema Chezom, 52, was shocked with what she saw in her maize field on the morning of October 9. A man was lying face down near her house in Yonphula, Kanglung. He looked familiar and on … Continue reading

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Installing an Electric Fence Energiser.

1. Find a suitable location for your electric fence energiser. For a mains unit this can be under an overhang or inside your basement or garage within easy reach of a 220v power source. 12v and 9v battery units should … Continue reading

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