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Agrisellex association with Electric fencing began 31 years ago in Central Africa where electric fencing was used to assist farmers, wildlife conservation entrepreneurs to control all aspects of African wildlife. We moved to the UK in 2000 and have become involved in all aspects of English Electric Fencing over these 13 years. Agrisellex has a long association with horizont Agrartechnik gmbh. This German company has been producing Electric fencing products for 60 years and is synonymous with German quality. Find us on Google+

150 Dead Hens from a Fox Attack.

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An email was received requesting help on why a fox had been able to penetrate an electric netting system and slaughter 150 hens. 150 hens taken by one fox is quite a catastrophe and by far the largest we have … Continue reading

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Monkey learns to short circuit an Electric Fence.

A love-sick monkey desperate to flee her enclosure to be with her mate has learned how to short circuit an electric fence – with a wet blade of GRASS. Bella, a Sulawesi crested black macaque, was left distraught after zookeepers … Continue reading

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Electric Fencing in Dry Soil Conditions.

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All energisers provide a pulse of energy that originates from their ‘hot’ terminal then travels down the fence line on a charged or ‘hot’ wire. Most users understand this aspect of¬†electric fencing. It’s fairly obvious that the hot wires can’t … Continue reading

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Curing a horse immune to electricity

I was at a function over the weekend and I was buttonholed by a lady who insisted that she had a horse that was immune to electricity and “laughed” at electric fencing. This was a challenge I could not resist … Continue reading

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Is Tape the best Product for an Electric Fence for Horses?

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Electric Fencing Tape in its basic widths of 20mm or 40mm have been the product of choice by a majority of horse owners since their introduction on the market in the 1970′s. Their popularity was initially enhanced by the history … Continue reading

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The Threat to Chickens by Urban Foxes

There are many requests received from concerned urban dwellers regarding the effect resident foxes are having on their lives. This normally boils down to two issues;- The threat posed by foxes to pet chickens. Many people have half a dozen … Continue reading

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Live Water Taps from an Electric Fence.

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An interesting conundrum occurred when a query was received regarding a internal water system was delivering mild shocks to people using the water taps. This does occur and is occasionally a faulty connection between the fence and an internal fixing … Continue reading

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Hunt is on for an Illegal Electric Fence.

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The hunt is on to nab a farmer who has erected an illegal electric fence utilising barbed wire and a 220 volt mains supply. Staff patrolling the Thirukkurunkudi forest stumbled upon an electrified fence around the farm of Annadurai, a … Continue reading

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GPS Tracking Electric Fencing Energisers have their first results.

In January we put on the market a range of energisers¬†that will track a stolen energiser and notify the owner of the current situation. Three energisers were stolen from a farmer in the vicinity of Arnstein, Germany on Tuesday 20th. … Continue reading

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Conductivity of the Fence Material – Factors to consider.

The effectiveness of an electric fence is directly related to the “sting” supplied by the electric charge being transmitted through a conductor (be it a tape, rope or wire). The quality of this electric “sting” is also directly dependant to … Continue reading

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